My Outside General Counsel (MOGC: pronounced "MAHK-see") takes the fee pressure off. MOGC offers subscription-based legal plans that offer your small- to mid-sized business all the advantages of having your own in-house attorney without the associated price tag.

At MOGC, we don’t charge by the hour, leading to greater efficiency, predictability, and synergy.

Benefit from both legal advice to minimize risk and protect yourself and your business, and business guidance so you can make day-to-day business decisions without wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

Think of your MOGC attorney as a member of your management team who is available anytime to give you advice.

Why MOGC is Right For Your Business


Grow Faster, Stronger, Smarter

Legal challenges can present themselves at the worst possible time. Usually unexpected and often expensive, they can significantly impact your business’s future. Our goal is to avoid crises by making sure you comply with the law, are not vulnerable to surprises, and can grow faster, stronger, and smarter. More

Seek Help Early And Often

MOGC takes the stress out of the lawyer-client relationship by removing the question: “How much is this going to cost?” Your monthly subscription to MOGC allows you to seek help early and often by giving you unlimited access to your lawyer without ever starting the clock. More

Get Predictable Pricing for Legal Services

Choose your own subscription level and get the services that are most important to you and your business at a fixed monthly cost. From a basic plan to one that includes attendance at board meetings and flat-fee litigation, there is a plan to meet the specific needs of your business. More

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Why We Think You’ll Love MOGC

Matthew Donahue

“I have seen repeatedly throughout my career $75,000-$100,000 in legal fees for litigation that could have been resolved for under $5,000 if handled earlier.”

William Martin

“As business owners ourselves, we understand the ongoing issues that keep owners awake at night. That perspective helps make us effective business coaches. And as law experts, we help navigate the legal waters before you ever get wet.”

Elizabeth Roth

“People have preconceived notions about lawyers, and truth be told, it’s sometimes for good reason. It’s understandable why they keep lawyers at arms length instead of embracing all that an attorney can contribute to their business success. And the elephant in the room is always cost. My partners and I are changing all that.” 

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Ready to Subscribe to My Outside General Counsel™?

My Outside General Counsel (MOGC) is an innovative, subscription-based legal service for small- to mid-sized businesses. With fixed monthly pricing and four different tiers to choose from, MOGC provides unlimited access to your dedicated attorney. Add a lawyer to your team with MOGC.

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