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Many lawyers and clients long for the days when legal services were provided in a more personal and consultative manner; when clients could use their attorney as a sounding board for ideas without fear of being charged for every 6-minutes of conversation. This approach often provided a more successful and fulfilling relationship for both parties.

 For small- to mid-sized businesses, the proactive advice and guidance provided through such a relationship could be the key to preventing expensive problems and protecting against potentially serious trouble – but it’s one they often forgo because of cost.

 Being afraid of talking with your lawyer is exactly the problem My Outside General Counsel™ was designed to solve.

 The MOGC mission is to help clients proactively address legal and business issues they are facing. We want clients to think about us as part of their Management Team, offering business advisory and consulting services in addition to legal advice.

 And we want you to join the MOGC Network!


The Benefits of Joining The MOGC Network


  1. Increased Revenue

Offer all of the attractive client benefits of MOGC to increase revenue from existing clients, and bring in new clients with this unique and innovative service offering.

  1. A Built-in Client-base for Cross-Selling

Through regular ongoing conversations with MOGC clients, other issues or opportunities may be identified that require additional work, such as complex IP, M&A, or litigation matters. MOGC clients will have developed a loyalty to you and are more likely to engage your firm for matters outside the scope of MOGC.

  1. Reliable, Recurring Monthly Income

Monthly revenue at most firms is unpredictable which causes stress and uncertainty. Knowing you can rely on recurring revenue brings with it a certain peace of mind.

  1. Predictable Payments

No more chasing clients to pay their bills! MOGC clients should be on an automatic payment plan which means you don’t have to worry about repeated outreach or outstanding collections.

  1. Be a True Trusted Business And Legal Advisor

Provide proactive actionable advice and add real value to your clients’ business, instead of fighting fires or providing ad hoc services if and when necessary.

  1. Take advantage of a Trusted Referral Network

Work with the MOGC Network to increase your business in areas in which other members may not have expertise. And know that you are referring your clients to trusted, vetted member firms if they require expertise you don’t currently offer.

  1. Marketing Materials Provided

A comprehensive explanatory website to help you walk your clients through the options. There’s no need to develop additional marketing materials since messaging and positioning have already been articulated.

  1. A Logical Upsell Opportunity

Using the MOGC model allows you to logically move clients to higher Tiers when necessary, i.e. no awkward sales conversations!

  1. No Change to Your Current Model Required

Continue to offer all your traditional legal services as you normally would, and use MOGC as an add-on offering to increase business and build your practice.

  1. Easily Implemented at Your Own Firm

There's no need to try and reinvent the wheel. The tiered service offerings have been well thought out to fit the economics of most firms. We also offer a secure and confidential client portal, accessible by you and the client, to keep all important documents in one place.

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My Outside General Counsel (MOGC) is an innovative, subscription-based legal service for small- to mid-sized businesses. With fixed monthly pricing and four different tiers to choose from, MOGC provides unlimited access to your dedicated attorney. Add a lawyer to your team with MOGC!

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