Before We Start

Your Choice of Prerequisite

Only through a deep understanding of your business can we provide valuable advice.

To be eligible for a MOGC subscription, you must first purchase either the Business Formation Package or the Legal Health Assessment. This first step ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of your business and that we add value as your trusted advisor, allowing us to avoid pitfalls and spot opportunities as we work together.

Choose either the Business Formation Package if you are starting a new company or the Legal Health Assessment if you have an existing business.

Business Formation Package

For New Businesses

The MOGC Business Formation Package covers all the agreements, documents and filings you need to start doing business and is available as the first step to joining MOGC, or as a standalone service.

Starting your own business is exciting and stressful at the same time, and you need to make sure you find legal counsel you can trust. Your MOGC attorney will guide you through the process, providing information along the way so you can make informed decisions about everything from your choice of entity to the creation of all necessary documents. We even manage your corporate filings for one year. This package is priced at $1,829.

Learn more about the Business Formation Package.


Legal Health Assessment

For Existing Businesses

The Legal Health Assessment helps identify potential legal issues lurking within your business that a) you know you need to address but haven’t, or b) didn’t even know were there! It is available as the first step to joining MOGC, or as a standalone service.

After a comprehensive review of your most important business documents, including contracts and agreements, MOGC will provide you with a written assessment of your business’s legal health. Once you’ve received your Legal Health Assessment Report outlining any potential issues uncovered in the documents we reviewed, it’s up to you what to do next. You could choose our traditional law firm approach with hourly billing, or you could join My Outside General Counsel. This package is priced at $499.

Learn more about the Legal Health Assessment.

After you have completed one of these prerequisites, you are eligible to join MOGC!

MOGC provides:

  • Unlimited Access: Schedule a phone or video meeting with your lawyer anytime you need advice.
  • Predictable Pricing: Fixed monthly costs and no meter running means no anxiety around unpredictable and potentially large legal bills.
  • Legal and Business Advice: Rely on MOGC for both legal advice and strategic business guidance, as required.
  • Broad Experience: MOGC is backed by a team of experienced business lawyers with expertise in all the areas of law small businesses need so we can put the right lawyer to work on your behalf.
  • Affordable Cost: Bring a lawyer onto your team without the price tag of hiring in-house counsel.
  • Personal Attention: As part of our ongoing relationship, your dedicated MOGC attorney will truly get to know you and your business.

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My Outside General Counsel (MOGC) is an innovative, subscription-based legal service for small- to mid-sized businesses. With fixed monthly pricing and four different tiers to choose from, MOGC provides unlimited access to your dedicated attorney. Add a lawyer to your team with MOGC!

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