Tier 1 Plan Details

Unlimited Access to Legal Advice

Is Tier 1 Right for You?

Imagine having unlimited access to a dedicated lawyer who is familiar with your business and can answer any and all business-related legal questions you may have, whenever you may have them. For a small monthly subscription fee, pick up the phone to talk to your lawyer anytime – without worrying about running up the bill!

My Outside General Counsel™ (MOGC: pronounced “MAHK-see") lawyers want to see your business succeed, because we recognize the value small businesses bring to the community. We’re on your side and ready to support you and your business.

MOGC’s Managing Partner, Matthew C. Donahue of Donahue Law Offices, brings more than 34 years of experience in business law and litigation. Practicing in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, Matt is responsible for coordinating your MOGC legal services wherever they may be required. We begin by hand-selecting the attorney who best fits your specific legal or business needs, either from our firm or from our network of trusted member firms, with all of which we have personal, ongoing relationships. From the beginning, you will have a dedicated MOGC attorney who develops a deep, holistic understanding of your business, as well as your personal style and preferences. In addition, Matt will remain your overall point of contact whenever necessary. It is this personal commitment to you and your business that sets MOGC apart.

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Monthly Benefits of Tier 1

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Legal Advice

  1. Unlimited Access to Legal Advice
    Unlimited, scheduled discussions via email, phone or video calls with your dedicated MOGC attorney about your company’s legal matters. For example:
      • HR matters
      • Structuring deals
      • Financing questions
  2. Document Review/Modification
    Review and/or modification of one legal document per month (up to 12 per year), including, for example:
      • Existing contracts such as employment contracts. 
      • Agreements, such as non-compete, confidentiality, and exiting employment agreements
      • Initial Review of Claim letters received from opposing counsel/businesses
      • Bylaws or operating agreement modifications made to specific sections 
      • Issuing Stock certificates/membership unit certificates for members/Shareholders. 
      • Maintenance of Stock Ledger
  3. Discount
    A 2.5% discount on all additional business legal services outside the scope of Tier 1. The discount does not apply if we must go to court or pursue alternative dispute resolution on your behalf. While one of MOGC’s main goals is to avoid litigation, sometimes it’s in your best interest to pursue a solution in the courtroom or via alternative dispute resolution. If that’s the case, your dedicated MOGC attorney will coordinate with our litigators to provide a plan and budget for your consideration.

When to Upgrade

If, as your relationship with your MOGC attorney progresses, you find yourself requiring additional advice and services, a different MOGC subscription level might be appropriate. 

Tier 1 is focused on legal advice and guidance. Due to our years of experience advising other business clients, in addition to giving legal advice, we can also provide you with business guidance if you subscribe to a higher Tier. Together, you and your MOGC attorney can determine if an upgrade is right for you.

Tier 1: $399/month

All MOGC service tiers require a one-year subscription and completion of either the Legal Health Assessment or Business Formation Package to get started. You may upgrade to a new tier at any time.

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Case in Point

Joe Smith had owned his company for 10 years and knew he needed to review his employment contract, especially in light of a recent incident that led to the firing of one of his salespeople. He had procrastinated about calling a lawyer for advice because he feared the cost. After partnering with MOGC, Joe had no hesitation picking up the phone to confirm that his contract covered all necessary safeguards and he didn’t need to worry about losing a lawsuit.

Ready to Subscribe to My Outside General Counsel™?

My Outside General Counsel (MOGC) is an innovative, subscription-based legal service for small- to mid-sized businesses. With fixed monthly pricing and four different tiers to choose from, MOGC provides unlimited access to your dedicated attorney. Add a lawyer to your team with MOGC!

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