Tier 3 Plan Details

Unlimited Access to Legal Advice and Trusted Business Counsel

Is Tier 3 Right for You?

For a growing business in a complex, competitive industry, having unlimited access to a dedicated lawyer who is intimately familiar with your business and its goals might mean the difference between jumping on a new opportunity or hesitating and missing the boat. 

At Tier 3, your trusted legal advisor is also serves an expanded role as trusted business advisor.

MOGC’s Managing Partner, Matthew C. Donahue of Donahue Law Offices, brings more than 34 years of experience in business law and litigation. Practicing in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, Matt is responsible for coordinating your MOGC legal services wherever they may be required. We begin by hand-selecting the attorney who best fits your specific legal or business needs, either from our firm or from our network of trusted member firms, with all of which we have personal, ongoing relationships. From the beginning, you will have a dedicated MOGC attorney who develops a deep, holistic understanding of your business, as well as your personal style and preferences. In addition, Matt will remain your overall point of contact whenever necessary. It is this personal commitment to you and your business that sets MOGC apart.

Your MOGC attorney is available anytime to discuss negotiation strategies and will also participate in semi-annual strategy sessions at your place of business. This type of personal commitment to you and your business is an invaluable benefit of MOGC. Learn more about why My Outside General Counsel might make sense for your business.

Benefits of Tier 3

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Legal Advice

  1. Unlimited Access to Legal Advice
    Unlimited scheduled discussions via email, phone and/or video calls with your dedicated MOGC attorney about your company’s legal and business matters, for example:

      • HR matters
      • Structuring deals
      • Financing questions
  2. Secure Online Access
    Securely access all of your company’s legal documents in one place
  3. Document Review/Modification (upgrade from Tier 2)
    Review and/or modification of three legal documents per month (up to 36 per year), including, for example:

      • Existing contracts such as employment contracts. 
      • Agreements, such as non-compete, confidentiality, and exiting employment agreements
      • Initial review of claim letters received from opposing counsel/businesses
      • Bylaws or operating agreement modifications made to specific sections 
      • Issuing stock certificates/membership unit certificates for members/shareholders. 
      • Maintenance of stock ledger
  4. Early Stage Litigation Strategy & Analysis
    If you are facing a business dispute, whether you are being sued or considering a suit against another party, your MOGC attorney will work with you to determine the best way forward. Sometimes it may be better to settle, sometimes it’s worth taking a case to court and your attorney will help you evaluate what course of action is most suitable for your business. At this tier, litigation support is limited to an initial review of the matter with a recommended course of action. It does not include work related to a potential trial or any courtroom appearances, however, if necessary, your MOGC attorney will coordinate with our litigators who can discuss your options with you.
  5. Letters Sent on Your Behalf (new at Tier 3)
    Your dedicated MOGC Attorney will write up to two letters per month for business matters that might include:

      • Nonpayment
      • Cease and desist
      • Responses requiring an attorney attention
  6. Discount (upgrade from Tier 2)
    A 7.5% discount on all additional business legal services outside the scope of Tier 3. The discount does not apply if we must go to court on your behalf. While one of MOGC’s main goals is to avoid litigation, sometimes it’s in your best interest to pursue a solution in the courtroom or via alternative dispute resolution. If that’s the case, your dedicated General Counsel will coordinate with our litigators to provide a plan and budget for your consideration.

Business Advice

  1. Business Advice (upgrade from Tier 2)
    A Tier 3 subscription offers significant business value. Take advantage of the depth and breadth of your MOGC Attorney’s business experience with:

      • Unlimited strategy calls to discuss business growth and development
      • Training discussions to meet the challenges of advancing negotiation skills
      • Semi-annual in-person strategy meetings
  2. Annual Business Filings (new at Tier 3)
    MOGC will complete all required annual business filings, including:

      • Review to discuss annual company changes in preparation for revising the Annual Report
      • Filing annual reports with the Domestic Secretary of State (filing fees not included)
  3. Legal Research (new at Tier 3)
    Five hours of legal research annually are included at Tier 3.  We will search statutes, regulations, policies, precedents and case law for answers to your legal questions.
  4. Business Succession Planning (new at Tier 3)
    For private, owner-managed, or family-owned businesses, a solid succession plan can drive the growth of the business, reduce taxes, and set the stage for retirement. It can also provide peace of mind for you, the owner, knowing that you have prepared for the future to protect yourself, your business, and your family. An annual review and assessment of your business succession plan is included in Tier 3. If you need to create a new plan, consider upgrading to Tier 4.
  5. Estate Planning (new at Tier 3)
    You’ve worked hard to build your business and together with your MOGC attorney, you can review the plans you have in place to ensure  everything – and everyone – is taken care of when you’re ready to retire. Because your business and personal financial situation is fluid, annual review is a must. An annual review and assessment of  the estate plans of up to 3 business owners is included in MOGC’s Tier 3. If you need to create new plans, consider upgrading to Tier 4.

Tier 3: $799/month

All MOGC service tiers require a one-year subscription and completion of either the Business Health Assessment or Business Formation Package to get started. You may upgrade or downgrade to another tier at any time.

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Case in Point

When Tyler Murphy opened his tech company in 2011, he started small scale by working with local companies that wanted to improve their IT infrastructure. As technology evolved, Tyler focused on expanding his area of expertise on real time data analytics—knowledge for which many more companies have need—and his clientele expanded exponentially to include much larger tech players. Tyler landed a huge contract to supply Cloud Security Services to a major global company.  He chose Tier 2 offered by MOGC but after just a few months, he and his MOGC attorney realized the services he required would necessitate a bump to the next level in order to meet the legal needs of his growing company. Now Tyler has the legal support he needs to ensure compliance with constantly changing industry regulations and to work closely with him to strategize the new chapter of his company’s growth. 

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My Outside General Counsel (MOGC) is an innovative, subscription-based legal service for small- to mid-sized businesses. With fixed monthly pricing and four different tiers to choose from, MOGC provides unlimited access to your dedicated attorney. Add a lawyer to your team with MOGC!

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